Welcome to Karate Federation of Nigeria (KFN), home of the Karate populace to black Africa. We intend to bring you to our world, the world of the beautiful game of Karate. The question of high popularity of karate as the most popular combat sport is incontestable, the details and what happens in it; how its managed, what we are doing, how KFN manages it, what extent we have reached, what extent we want it to go and what extent the world and WKF want to push it is what we have brought to bare in this media. 

The reason is so that every single audience and enthusiast of the sport can be carried along and be able to participate in this art that has a message of “peace to Nigerian and the world at large”.

We bring karate to you; we bring you a sports variety that has the philosophy of the way of life; discipline, ethics, morals and etiquette.

We want you to practice karate.

We want you to enjoy karate.

We want you to be part of it.

Thank you for taking time to find out more about this sport

Karate Federation of Nigeria


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